Titanic Pigeon Forge

Titanic Pigeon Forge

2134 Parkway phone 800-381-7670

Here is a review of this attraction. This is a 2 hour self guided tour through a replica of the actual ship.Costing 25.00 it is a little pricey but that is not above a lot of the other area attractions.feel free to add a comment.

This is a must when visiting the area in my opinion. This museum tells the complete story of the Titanic from beginning to end. The exhibits are amazing such as the outside which recreates the ship, the grand staircase, the iceberg and dipping your hand in water that was the temperature as when the boat sank.

You get a bio card of a real Titanic passenger which is selected by a staff member before entering. At the end, you get to see if you survived.

The exhibit has an elevator where needed and also has benches throughout where you can rest.

They don’t allow picture taking while in the museum you may however buy a souvenir photo they take.

There are some cool things there- such as the replica of the Grand Staircase from the doomed vessel, as well as the replica of the cabin of Isidaor and Ida Straus (owners of Macy's Department Store who perished on the ship).

you'll see it in under two hours (without rushing).

The best part is the staff that glide around and appear from nowhere to add tidbits of information or answer questions. They are kind of spooky, but all are in strict character and dress. go to thier site click here Titanic Pigeon Forge When visiting This Attraction remember these things

If you have little ones they will get BORED here.

Tennessee is hot during summer like 95 so if its summer be prepared because you wait outside .

They take 40 at a time into museum I recommend going at 9pm its cool and not crowded for late shows the later the better.

The audio device is restricting to the tour in my opinion so I don’t recommend getting it I like wandering and reading.

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titanic pigeon forge