old mill pigeon forge

old mill pigeon forge is located at Traffic Light # 7, Phone number is (865) 429-3463

In my families opinion old mill pigeon forge is as much of a attraction as a restaurant it is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The decor is perfectly in tune with the setting, with big windows overlooking the river.

They also have the mill running outside which gives you the real old time feel. The general store and craft shops are worth checking out in the same complex as they have some pretty unique items when it comes to pottery and cooking items. Watch Their Video Now for the food which is in a class by itself ,All meals come with delicious corn chowder, corn fritters, salad, green beans mashed potatoes, biscuits and dessert!

Come Hungry Two average size appetites can share a regular meal Fritters and Corn Chowder are great starters that come with your meal. Pot Roast, Fried Pork Chops and Southern Beef Liver are some of the offerings.

The waiters are courteous and fast taking your orders and bringing your food.

The fried chicken makes you want to bring your grandmother in and say what happened? Why cant you cook like this?. Just kidding but it is awesome food.Go there comeback to us and leave a review so i can add it here!

Need I mention dessert? made from scratch pies, biscuits, grits, and pastry items the pecan pie is wonderful.

Got a party of 14? 30? doesn’t matter they specialize in Large groups, and with and as big as the servings are your group will be larger when it leaves.(wink)

I have heard some complain of prices I think I spend about 15 bucks on average when there, I don’t find that high especially since I take home enough for another meal.

This Place is the real deal. The food is great, the service is great and the price is right.

no reservation required but the only reservations needed are from Motor Coach Companies only. Please contact Group Sales at (865) 429-2511.Please like us on bottom of the page! Again thank you for visiting this site it is my goal to provide the best service and information I am not a paid nor am I affiliated with the above company so please leave honest feedback when you have visited so i can keep only the best on this site.old mill pigeon forge Official Site old mill pigeon forge