Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge

The Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge Reservation Line: 1-800-590-4428

offers 3 shows daily 3:30 6:00 and 8:30pm Adult 46.63 child24.58 children under 3 (lap Babies) sit in lap of adult for free but must share food with someone in group.

That being said I recommend you order online as soon as you are for sure coming to pigeon forge area as this show sells out allot.if you have been there please leave a comment!

Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge website Okay 2 hours of fun and adventure with a meal included .

The Show is a patriotic salute to America Reflecting on the Civil War era.,You can reserve North or South seating (different sides but basically same seating) Some say preferred seating isn’t worth it, at an additional 6 dollars ,I think it would be.

Best seating area I recommend is if you sit in Northern sections try to get C or D sections

Southern side seating try to get K and L sections my experience avoid sections N and section A but with that said most any seat are fine just some are better than others.

featuring Horses Buffalo and many other and offers 3 shows daily 3:30 6:00 and 8:30pm animals trick riding and stunts with much costumes and music it is Very high energy and flashy with the audience included in some parts Clip from show

The meal is huge The meal consist of Chicken, Corn on the cob Baked Potato, Vegetable Soup and Apple turnover (NO UTENSILS PROVIDED).bring some plastic ones.

The pre show is very fun but beware the 4.00 souvenir glass boot with 1.50 refills bring a bottled water in your pocket before going to save this.

When being taken from the pre-show to the show you may feel (herded) as you will be moving briskly into the show area .

This show might give you the herded feeling sometimes as the food is served rapid fire during the show also the Children who pay admission get the same portions as Adults so make sure to get a doggie bag.

This show is Cheesy, Loud, Dusty and does have a slight odor, (Remember all the animals?) but on the other hand you will laugh and shout and have the time of your life !

That being said is Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge worth the 50 bucks a pop? To me yes I have 6 in my family and I go when I can.

If you have severe allergies low tolerance for crowds or cant embrace the no silverware then this show is not for you.

If you like animals getting to know people and just here for the good times then jump on and enjoy the ride!

Overall it is a wonderful show with great food and a Christmas Themed show when in season I highly recommend it!